Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#42 Tank Taunting

Leveling up a new tank is stressful enough, so why behave in a way that makes no new tank want to level...then brag about it?

Alludra the Mannerly Mage here helping you be a player who gets invited to all the groups!
Something I have noticed is a lot of impatience some gamers have with the learning curve. While it's true that most low level players are alts of an established player, this isn't the case for everyone. Sometimes you will run into players who are running content for the first time and don't know all the tips and tricks established players take for granted. Heck, there is even information that a lot of end game players aren't aware of!

My favorite  pet peeve in this instance is how players treat new tanks. As if there isn't a shortage of this class, I constantly see bragging from players who should know better about how they pull aggro from the tank for entire runs.

Some people treat this as if they are doing the new tank a favor, but they are ignoring the frustration they may be causing the rest of the group by 'taking matters into their own hands.' And when they die? Well you can bet it's not their fault!

Look guys, we know that leveling is a bit boring if you have been there, but let's actually try to help new players instead of being some jerk that makes everyone's instance less fun. Something to ponder when you are looking for another tank to round out your raid or instance. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#41 Competition

Competition is a fun way to challenge yourself in your game, but do we really need it everywhere?

Alludra the Mage here helping you have fun in your game!

Competition is a great thing, it can push us to be better in our games and reach achievements that we might not have made it to before. Personally I love a bit of competition in my game play to help me be a better player and for fun with my friends.

So I personally Just love it when I stumble upon  some stranger who thinks that he is in competition with everyone in the same class! I mean come on everyone knows that guy who constantly posts DPS numbers everywhere he goes when he's on top, heck we all probably have guild mates who pull these shenanigans!

Look guys competition is great and like I said, I'm all for it, but please don't go looking for fights with friends, guildies, or even  strangers as if you are clearing up some long standing feud. And don't expect everyone to be in on your game. Most of us just want to have fun.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#40 Endgame

All that content, so little time!

Alludra the Mannerly Mage here helping you become that popular guildie!

Let's face it, Blizzard has put a lot into World of Warcraft lately? How much? Well too much actually! How can a player do their dailies every day, instances, and level their professions while still farming and doing pet battles? Well then answer is simple, you weren't meant to!

See the variety of things in the game to do aren't meant to be done every single day, and while I am sure there are players out there who do manage to do a lot, it's not fair or even reasonable to ask everyone to do everything every day or week.

The content is there so we can pick and choose what to do at what rate that makes the game the most comfortable for us. If you are feeling overwhelmed concentrate on one or two aspects of end game until you are done.

And just because your system is working for you don't assume it's the blanket answer for everyone. Remember, we all do things differently, including game. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#39 Uberleet

Yes, you are that amazing player with legacy gear, stop trashing the new players and help them out!

Alludra the mannerly mage helping you do that thing in the game for the...whatchacallit? Oh right fun!

Lately in my MMO's I have been leveling up new characters. It's a fun way to check out all the new content made for the lower level players.

And I have to say, my favorite part isn't the amazing dungeon runs, the zones, or even the sense of adventure leveling a new character, no. My most favorite part would have to be the guy in every dungeon decked out in legacy gear or subscriber perks, or amazing potions that boost XP screaming about how he's the best while the rest of us in at level gear suck and should bow down to him.

Said no player ever.

Please random guy, make the entire run more difficult on everyone by not letting us catch up before you pull mobs, making sure the healer's ready and oh yeah, wearing cloth while you do all this. What's that? Everyone should have all your leet gearz? Well some of us are new to the game and don't quite have the money to buy things in real money stores.

Here's an idea, why not help new players out and explain things instead of typing obscenities.
Or maybe you just like being reported. That's fine too!

Monday, December 10, 2012

#38 Comfort Levels

No one can dictate your comfort level with them, remember that!

Alludra the Mannerly Mage here, helping you become the player all the gamers want to group with!

It seems I gave out some controversial advice! Yes I knew not everyone would be thrilled with me for suggesting that players go ahead and block people to their hearts content, but I'm okay with that.

How okay? Well okay enough to keep blocking! Without explanations!

You see, no one has the power to dictate other people's comfort levels with them, not only in game but out of game and in the real world, so if someone says they wish to have zero contact with you in the future, you don't get to find out why, you don't get to find out what went wrong. You get to take their word for it, or their silence as an answer.

Because honestly? People don't like to be tracked down and 'convinced' that they are wrong, kinda reinforces that whole creepy OMG get me out of here feeling that made the block happen in the first place.

So, unfortunately, you may never get to make those amends but that's okay. Just move on and make a new friend. I mean, why bother with someone who doesn't want you around in the first place? 

Friday, November 30, 2012

#37 Ignore

Don't feel harassed, use any and all ignore features to make your playtime the best it can be!

Alludra the Mannerly Mage here doing her best to help you be the best player you can be!
And sometimes, even though we are totally awesome, we meet and run into those players who just plain...aren't.

Now we all try to be the bigger person, we all try to compromise, avoid or ignore these people politely. Maybe they are in our guild, an old friend who doesn't listen to the show, or maybe they are just some annoying guy who, for whatever reason, decided that you are going to be his best friend, punching bag, life coach or victim. Doesn't matter, we have ignore.

Now, everyone, I am going to make this clear: DON'T FEEL BAD FOR USING THE IGNORE FEATURE!

Seriously! Sometimes you just gotta block people! Your reasons, whatever they are, are your own, and never feel like you have to justify yourself. Not to your friends, guild mates, raid team or even the person you blocked! A block means I don't wanna talk to you!

And if they go around it, well report them to the mods, now we are in the harassment territory.
Seriously, don't be afraid of using the tools at your disposal, and don't let anyone try and make you feel bad if you want to get out of an uncomfortable situation. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#36 Leveling

New expansions abound so how to head off the drama that can be caused by mismatching gameplay priorities.

Alludra the mannerly mage here helping you have fun!

One thing that can cause friction for a raiding team with a new expansion is leveling and gearing up speed. Some of your raiders may want to take their time and see the content at their own pace, other raiders want to burn through everything and gear as fast as possible to get back to end game progression. This can lead to conflicts and surprisingly, can be more trouble than the pre expansion doldrums!

So what to do?

To head off any in fighting make sure your raid team has discussed 'the gaming plan' before it actually becomes a problem. If it's already started and your team is at odds it's still not too late. Try and set a compromising time frame to level and gear up inside.

Remember, the key to compromise isn't making everyone happy, it's making neither person happy!

Even after the talk, unless your team is 100% on board, expect to lose some raiders,  but during an expansion's beginning is a great time to scout for new potential guildies and teammates. (Remember guys, when I said not to be rude? Yeah, it's for reasons like this!)

Leveling is just a new type of progression, be prepared, set a time frame and your guild, group, or team can make it through unscathed.